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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Current Styles and Women's Sizes

I find that many ladies who wear "women's plus sizes" tend to buy clothing that is rather generic. Many of the plus size sections in stores do not carry clothes that are stylish or young, but rather those that are plain and boring. Large button down shirts or t's, stretchy pants and skirts without form or shape are a staple for a larger women in the retail world.

We are way to beautiful to allow ourselves to be clothed in boredom.

When you are shopping, look for clothing stores that carry trendy clothing. Try on some things you may not normally wear. If shopping depresses you:

- Know what feature you want to showcase before you go. Don't be afraid to show the world a little of the beautiful you. If your chest is one of your best features, show a little cleavage. (An inch or two is great, four or five inches is not.) If your bottom is your best feature, find a skirt that fits a little tighter on the derriere. If you love your legs, plan to show them off. I have a great chest, I like being a "D" cup, but I don't like my stomach, so the halter type shirts that are loose around the mid-section are great for me.

- Carry a measuring tape and know your measurements, then you will know if the item is close to the correct size before you put it on. Then you can avoid the depressing feeling of trying on clothes that don't fit.

- Wear a bra that fits correctly. (Check out tomorrow's blog for more information on bras.)

- Don't overlook the accessories. Pretty shoes and nice jewelry can make you feel like a beautiful woman all on their own.

Most of these tips can also be used for shopping on-line. If you despise shopping in stores, shopping from home on your computer is a viable option, but you have to know what you want, what looks good on you , and be aware of what you are purchasing.

There really is something (probably many somethings) about you that is attractive, beautiful, & sexy. Look for it and love it. Better yet, learn to love you all over.

Friday, June 24, 2005


I've had a hard time pinpointing my focus for this blog. I do not want it to be a boring daily chronical of my life. I don't want it to be meaningless. I do not want it to be haphazard, but instead an interesting focused format for my thoughts and your responses.

I started with the idea of focusing my writings on big and beautiful women like myself. I intended it to be an uplifting reminder for large women that we are still women who are sexy, desired, and a positive force in our world today.

But, I find that there are many more issues that I would like to share: My thoughts on abortion; politics; modern Christianity; parenting; drugs, alcohol, and sex in teen culture today; the moral decline in America. I could go on and on.

It appears that my interest may be the cultural factors affecting women in America today.

I hope you will continue to visit my blog as I further define my point of focus, in hopes of capturing your attention.

Good day.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Olive Tree Views - The Plague and Cure for 21st Century Apathy and Malaise

I've recently had many discussions about the feeling of "not belonging" in present day America. I believe too many years of apathy, malaise, "minding ones own business" and not becoming involved in the world around us has created a society in which Christians are the ones who do not fit into the fabric of our world. This article echos those thoughts.

From: Olive Tree Views ">>
The Plague & Cure of 21st Century Apathy & Malaise Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005

The Plague & Cure for 21st Century Apathy & Malaise--Jan Markell

"USA Today" had an interesting article yesterday titled, "Poll Shows Americans are in a Funk." Right now they don't care about anything. Future terrorist attack in America--not a chance even though Bush/Cheney call it a "sure thing." Besides, it's summer so off goes the brain, curiosity, attention span, and exploration of new ideas and issues. Thankfully the remnant holds out for truth and solid information and hasn't parked brain and love of learning truth in neutral. I honestly don't need "USA Today" to give me the above headlined story. I get feedback daily from folks who tell their friends and family about the current issues of the day that are significant and the importance of matching events with the Bible to help "discern the times." The response? "Lighten up." "Don't take life so seriously." "You're so negative." "Why don't you take time to not just smell the roses but the whole flower shop and get your eyes off negativity (translate that reality)." Those who are getting insight only from the mainstream media are going to fall into this trap readily as they focus on the wrong issues, major in minors, and have a disturbing agenda. The alternative media provides some relief, and truth, including talk radio and the Internet. Even Fox News obsessed and overdosed on Michael Jackson, baseball steroids, and kids lost in the woods which further put people into the apathy zone and gave them the freedom to park their brains for a long season. Nobody, least of all believers, should be in the dark as it concerns the issues of the day and the "discerning of the times." From the Middle East to the decline of the culture, to the antics of the ACLU to weaken America, to out-of-control judges, political correctness, border/immigration problems, the threat to the world from Iran, Russia, and China, to the "Islamic bomb," this is no time to zone out. And the jihadists have called no truce with the Western world and particularly America. God's incredible patience has spared the world a major catastrophe since 9/11. The reliable "Alliance Defense Fund" suggests that the "gay agenda" in America gains ground daily due to American and Christian apathy. Very few in any country understand the Middle East "muddle" because apathy doesn't allow them to find the truth in that arena. America's capital is adrift with mischief and deceit because too many Americans will not challenge our >leaders and their policies, behavior, ethics, and voting record, all due to apathy and the sentiment that "it won't do any good anyway." Wrong! Almost all stick their finger in the wind to monitor public sentiment and hire pollsters to guide their actions, though admittedly some ignore the facts. I had an email from England today which said, "I find it very sad that the church is dying here and being allowed to die for the sake of materialism on the one hand and apathy on the other." This is a global dilemma. Believers have the best news of all and are the last ones who should be apathetic! We are about the only source left on the planet who have good news. But our "don't rock my comfort zone boat" applies to some believers today as well. How can we be salt and bring light to a dark world if we are caught in the apathy tar pits? It will also stifle evangelistic efforts. However, I have heard that attendance at Christian conferences has plunged to 50% of what it was just a few years ago. Event fatigue? Perhaps. Or learning fatigue? I think it's just plain apathy. The Bible says that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways (James >1:8). If believers aren't going to be single-minded enough to focus on Kingdom issues and instead drown in a malaise, everything and everyone suffers. Slumbering spirits embolden only one entity--the kingdom of darkness who will take advantage of it all. The Bible characterizes a last days' generation to that of Noah's day. Back in those days, they were carrying on with life, having a grand old time, eating, drinking, and marrying. They likely didn't have a serious thought as they enjoyed the "feel good" atmosphere of that day. Noah pleaded with them for over one hundred years to get out of their comfort zone or they would find themselves unbelievably uncomfortable! We don't know for sure if we're the generation to be compared to Noah's time, but >somehow I think we could be.>>I thank God daily for the remnant who is as troubled by the malaise as I am. Don't give up even if you are rebuffed! Keep your mind of the glorious future God has for us in Eternity and what He's done for us. If you remain Bible-focused, you can't possibly be neutral, apathetic, or a >victim to 21st Century malaise.

RADIO THIS WEEKEND: Brigitte Gabriel of the American Congress for Truth on the continued Islamic agenda in America and the West, and Pastor Bob DeWaay on contending for the faith. Must that always be divisive? See Web site for listening options, but you can listen anywhere in the world live at, 9 - 11 AM CST Saturday and 12 - 2 PM (rebroadcast) on Sunday. If you have problems, press the CTRL key while clicking on "Listen Live." We are heard in several cities and Internet radio but headquarter out of AM980 KKMS, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm back

I am back. It took a while, but I have finally made it back. My daughter is now in San Antonio with her aunt and uncle. It turns out she was involved with some people in a gang as well as everything else. I am sincerely concerned for her future.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I haven't been on the computer to post anything since last Thursday. That is about the time things started falling apart. My stepdaughter, who is 15, decided to drink bleach to get high, then proceeded to skip school, have unprotected sex, come home that night, run away the next day, verbally assault the police and her Dad and I, admit that she has been smoking pot, try to run away again, and then have the nerve to come home after this four day episode and smart off to those of us who are trying our best to love and help her.

As I was saying..... chaos. I'll get back around to blogging daily really soon.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Money management

Interested in learning more about money management? Visit

I Am enough

Have you ever had to learn a lesson over and over and over and over again, only to find out at the end of it you still don't get it? I have spent the past twenty years learning the same lesson, and to be honest, I still don't think I have it.

My entire adult life I have had just enough to make it. Just enough, but no extra.

'Obviously' , I thought 'there has to be a lesson here'. Maybe I wasn't doing it right. So, I learned how to manage my money. I read Suze Orman books, and Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace" (both of which I recommend.) I took a personal finance class at the local community college. I was armed with knowledge.

Still had enough, barely enough.

The next line of thinking was, I had a lack of will power. I struggled over that issue and came to the conclusion that will power was not the issue. I then went to the next logical thought. It was my husbands fault. This was my favorite line of thinking because, of course, it took the responsibility off of yours truly. But, alas, I had to let that go as well. Well, most of it....... the man loves to spend money.

Had enough, barely enough.

Through this entire twenty year journey, I was learning to walk with God and trust in Him. Then, it occured to me, that God was teaching me something about myself and my faith in Him.

Had enough, barely enough.

Could it be that, if I had more than enough, I would not have needed Him as much, and would have been less likely to be focused on Him. If you knew me personally, you would know this is a very logical thought. It may also be that the Lord knows I trust myself, my husband, and the dollar to provide for us more than I trust Him.

Had enough, barely enough. Not enough to share.

And tithing. I believe in tithing, but I don't do it. Tithing is an act of faith in itself. It is a means by which you show God that you put Him first above the dollar. It shows him, through an act of obedience that you believe He can and will meet your needs.

Enough is enough. He is enough.

That is the lesson I believe I am supposed to learn. The act of wanting more, for me, is evidence in itself of a lack of faith, not because more is wrong. It's not wrong to have wealth. What is wrong is the reason I want more - so I will feel safe, so I will know my needs and the needs of my family are met - through the dollar.

It's as if God has been saying this whole time "I Am enough."

I now have this knowledge, but have I truly learned it? I can honestly say, no, not yet. So, I believe probably, for a little while longer, enough will have to be enough.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is probably one of the greatest threats to women’s health. Enough sleep is not a luxury and it’s not optional. Lack of sleep raises the risk for heart disease, depression and obesity, and in some instances is fatal.

Sleep restores your body both physically and mentally. During sleep our bodies repair themselves physically. They repair cell and tissue damage, build protection against infection and strengthen our muscles and organs, as well as providing us with the energy for the coming day’s tasks. Mentally, during sleep our brains are storing information gathered during the day and banking memories.

Research conducted at Columbia University in New York suggested that those who do not get the 7 to 9 hours recommended sleep per night have an increased risk of obesity. Of the 3,682 people studied: those who logged 5 hours sleep per night were 50% more likely to be obese than those who logged 7 to 9 hours; those who logged 4 hours or fewer were 73% more likely; and those who logged 6 hours were 23% more likely to be obese than their well rested colleagues. Stated simply, sleep deprived people eat more. Sleep deprivation alters eating behaviors and metabolism, as well has hormonal changes that cause an increase in appetite.

Getting enough sleep is beneficial to your heart. Your brain lowers your heart rate and blood pressure while you are sleeping. Research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine stated that 5 or fewer hours of sleep per night raises women’s risk of coronary artery disease by 50%. Sleep loss increases blood pressure, which over time thickens artery walls and forces the heart to work harder. Sleep deprivation is also associated with increased C-reactive protein, a signal of inflammation, which is linked with development of cardiovascular disease, increased risk of heart attack, and stroke.

Depression is also associated with sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is a mood altering. Have you ever tried to be upbeat and energetic when you are running on empty? Think of that in a long term, chronic, situation.

1 in 25 fatal accidents is due to drowsy driving. That is 1600 fatalities annually due to sleep deprivation. You may not notice how tired you really are until you nod off. When you reach a certain point, no amount of will power can keep you awake. It is impossible. Your brain will take over and put you to sleep. Even if you are not sleeping while driving your reaction time is slowed, much like someone who is driving under the influence of alcohol. Adequate sleep can save your life or the lives of others.

The benefits of enough sleep go far beyond what little has been mentioned here. If you are having difficulty sleeping or questions you can go to a sleep expert will be available to answer your questions weekdays from 5/16 to 5/27.

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